Writer’s Retreats

Writer's Retreat UK

I was bought a writer’s retreat for Christmas, last year. Well, not actually bought one. I was given the chance to go on one, all I had to do was choose which one I wanted.  I fancied one not too far from home but, still, far enough away that I would feel like it was worth the effort. I didn’t want tuition, I just wanted to go somewhere that was geared up for writers where I’d be looked after, no jobs, no cooking, just pure writing time. Given I live in the North of England, I found it hard to find one that fit the bill.  As it’s been a busy year, personally, with one thing or another, and we’re now in the countdown toward Christmas, I’ve decided to put it off until next year.

So, where will I go?  Well, I’m loving the look of the Writer’s Retreat UK – I can go and do just what I want to do and that is write.  They’ll feed me, give me somewhere to work and I’ll get a glass of wine or two with my dinner, too! April is the first one and I plan to be there. That’s where book 2 in the Planet Fran series will take real shape.  Why not join me there?