Limited Edition Bookmarks

September 10, 2017 937 By adminjkb
Limited Edition Bookmarks

I’ve been lucky enough to have people who have wanted to commit to buying my book ahead of time, so I wanted to try to give something back. But what? After much thought, I came up with a bit of a freebie bundle to include an online greetings card voucher, a pack of 5 free Christmas cards and I created a bookmark, for which I ordered a small batch. No others, with this specific design will ever be printed and they’re only available, free, to those who have supported me with pre-orders. Now, I’m no literary author so the likelihood of me hitting the big time is probably pretty small, but even if I don’t make best-seller lists and widespread fame, if my books gather a bit of a following with people who like a bit of a light-hearted and, at times, quite juvenile comedy read, maybe my limited-edition bookmarks could, one day, be worth more than the book they came with!

My proof-reader is estimating Tuesday, 12th September for completion, after which there will be a couple of days of re-formatting and then it’s finally off to the printers.

To my pre-order readers – thank you! I hope you like the goodie bundles when they arrive.